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Leadership in The Age of Personalization

Executive Summit Sizzle Reel

The Leadership in the Age of Personalization Executive Summit was an immersive experience that helped leaders see the power of personalization from different perspectives through people of distinct generations, backgrounds and leadership roles.

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Glenn Llopis

Diversity of Thought

Diversity of thought gives you the courage to steer away from like-mindedness. Diversity of thought actually promotes healthy tension, because it’s without healthy tension that we can’t evolve.

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Glenn Llopis

What Do You Solve For?

What you solve for is an unusual phrase and certainly not anything the metrics and KPIs from the age of standardization were ever designed to measure or value. It’s deeper than a job title or description and not defined by your skills and expertise per se. It’s a combination of your interests, what you stand for, and your capacity, capabilities, personal values, skills, and experiences. It’s what you enjoy and consistently think about in a big way. It’s how you serve others, yourself, and your purpose, and the goals, objectives, and growth of the people and organization you work for. When you know what you solve for - you begin to understand how you can best influence at work.

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Glenn Llopis

The Age of Standardization

Corporate strategies were not designed to serve the unique needs of people in today’s age of personalization. Organizations and their people feel stuck with too many differences to navigate. This new environment is fueled with tension and uncertainty without a clear line of sight. As such, there is a lack of urgency, agility and desire to move beyond the old, standardized ways of doing things.

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