Humanity has been innovative enough to create economies of scale around just about everything: information, transportation, exploration. It’s time to apply that ingenuity to our highest and most important pursuit yet: creating economies of scale around embracing human dignity. Our age of personalization demands it.

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The events of 2020 set a lot of transformations in motion that we’ve needed but have been fighting for a while. But if there was one lesson we can learn from last year is that, whatever we're trying to accomplish, we need people at their fullest capacities connecting with and elevating each other as they contribute to a shared mission, individually and collectively.

At this summit, hosted by LightSpeedVT™, we’ll explore how we can unleash individuality by interrupting our assumptions about who belongs where, doing what, and how. The day will be divided into three parts, so we can methodically explore each of the steps required as we continually ASSESS, INTERRUPT and PIVOT towards a leadership model that restores dignity and activates individual capacity. Register Now!

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The Age of Personalization


The Movement

We need each other more than ever. We’ve learned the hard way that many leaders have lost touch with the changing world around us. It’s time to create economies of scale around embracing human dignity. Our age of personalization demands it.

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Thought leaders

Join this distinguished group of thought leaders. Be an active part of something significant. Let’s redefine what leadership really means.

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GLLG’s Leadership in the Age of Personalization® Summits focus on guiding leaders and their organizations to shift their thinking from one of standardization to personalization, and the urgent need to acknowledge this shift by leading in a way that honors individuality.

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