2023 Summit

Chasing Resilience

Building Resilient Organizations for a Changing World

The 2023 Leadership in the Age of Personalization (LAOP) Summit, hosted by the University of Phoenix, uniquely structured around self, team, unit, organization, and industry levels, brought together leaders from diverse fields. This multidimensional framework aimed at enhancing resilience through personal growth, team cohesion, strategic organizational planning, and industry foresight. Leaders shared insights and strategies, fostering a collaborative environment for discussing innovative solutions to the multifaceted challenges of today's rapidly evolving landscape.

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2022 Summit

Navigating Uncertainty

Prepare to Navigate Change with Purpose and Resilience

The way leaders approach uncertainty will affect whether or not they’re able to successfully pursue their goals related to ESG, DEI and wellbeing. In October 2022, leaders gathered at the annual Leadership in the Age of Personalization Summit to share insights about how to navigate this world of unknowns.

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2021 Summit

Individuality Unleashed

From stifled and suppressed to uplifted and unleashed.

You've heard of the great resignation. Several summit participants reject that term as backward-facing, focused on what you're leaving rather than what you're moving toward. People want to explore and expand individuality for themselves and for others. Leaders across industries share their own successes and failures in helping people do just that.

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2020 Virtual Summit

The Collapse of Standardization

Crisis has a way of revealing, course-correcting and recalibrating what leadership really means.

The recent crisis has made one thing clear. The age of personalization is in full force. At the moment we're in a world of chaos. but it didn't start in 2020. It just accelerated the inevitable; the fall of outdated standards and leadership.

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2019 Summit

Welcome to The Age of Personalization

Corporate strategies were not designed to handle mass variance in people.

Today's new realities in the workplace and marketplace require us to better understand and appreciate non-traditional methods and perspectives as personalization forces us to reinvent the ways we think, work and lead.

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The Age of Personalization


The Movement

We need each other more than ever. We’ve learned the hard way that many leaders have lost touch with the changing world around us. It’s time to create economies of scale around embracing human dignity. Our age of personalization demands it.

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Thought leaders

Join this distinguished group of thought leaders. Be an active part of something significant. Let’s redefine what leadership really means.

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GLLG’s Leadership in the Age of Personalization® Summits focus on guiding leaders and their organizations to shift their thinking from one of standardization to personalization, and the urgent need to acknowledge this shift by leading in a way that honors individuality.

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