Humanity has been innovative enough to create economies of scale around just about everything: information, transportation, exploration. It’s time to apply that ingenuity to our highest and most important pursuit yet: creating economies of scale around embracing human dignity. Our age of personalization demands it.

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Unleashing Individuality: The Leadership Skill that Unlocks All Others


In his new book, bestselling author and strategist Glenn Llopis gives actionable strategies for challenging assumptions about people, to help leaders achieve inclusive working and diverse thinking.  

Llopis breaks individuality down into its component parts and offers a practical method to help you continuously assess behaviors, interrupt assumptions and pivot from a leadership model that suppress one’s authenticity to a mindset that unleashes individuality.

Cover of the Book Unleashing Individuality by Glenn Llopis 2022

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The Age of Personalization


The Movement

We need each other more than ever. We’ve learned the hard way that many leaders have lost touch with the changing world around us. It’s time to create economies of scale around embracing human dignity. Our age of personalization demands it.

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Thought leaders

Join this distinguished group of thought leaders. Be an active part of something significant. Let’s redefine what leadership really means.

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GLLG’s Leadership in the Age of Personalization® Summits focus on guiding leaders and their organizations to shift their thinking from one of standardization to personalization, and the urgent need to acknowledge this shift by leading in a way that honors individuality.

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